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Probably because they haven’t seen the question. Goodreads has a small staff and they generally don’t work on the weekends or US holidays, except in emergencies. Goodreads has two offices, but they are both in California. That means they are in the Pacific Time Zone.

They do answer emails sent to support at goodreads.com, but only during office hours. They occasionally answer questions on their facebook page and on twitter.

The Goodreads Feedback Group is the best place to get information and ask questions. Many of the members there are very knowledgable and helpful. You may even get a response from Goodreads staff. The Goodreads Author Feedback Group can help authors and the Goodreads Librarians Group is better for all questions about data (book data, author data, series data, quotations, trivia and lists).

If you want answers or advice from me (and that advice might be to email support), you can mention me on twitter (@debsanswers), tag me on facebook (Deb’s Answers) or email (debsanswers at gmail.com) as well as commenting on this blog.

So what’s your question?