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On your Goodreads home page, you can add a general update or update status for each of your currently-reading books. Click update status and enter the page number you are on and any comment you want to include, then click on save progress. If you would rather enter the percentage completed, click on the word page and it will change to %; click on % and it will change back to page. Clicking on I’m finished will change the shelf from currently-reading to read and take you to the edit review pane. The date finished will be filled in with the current date, but you might need to verify the date if you aren’t in the Pacific time zone because the current date depends on the date and time at the Goodreads office in California.

Status updates show on your profile, your friends’ and followers’ home pages and can be posted on your Facebook wall and to your Twitter account if you want. From any book page you can click on see recent updates in the top right corner to see all of the updates for this book. You can sort updates by date or page. You can limit the list by edition or to only updates with text. On this page is a link to see all status updates for all books and a search box to find updates by keyword or book title.

You can see all the updates for a particular review by clicking on see review. The reading progress section only shows if at least one status update was entered for the book by this reviewer.  All of the individual status updates will be listed and you can see the pages (or percentages) and dates plotted on a graph by clicking on the word graph on the right. Clicking on the date of an update provides you the chance to like a particular status and shows two links in the top right corner. The first link shows all reviewer’s status updates on all books and the second one shows everyone’s updates from this book.

Hope this was helpful.