Since people are still finding my old posts through searching, I decided to update a few of them. If you notice any errors on my old posts you can let me know here; I do want all my posts to remain accurate resources.

I don’t expect you to go back and read the old posts, so I’ll mention the changes here.

What are Friends and do I need more of them?
To the Twitter section, I added: “I want to clarify that anyone you follow can Direct Message you, even if they don’t follow you back.”

How can I use Goodreads Giveaways to promote my book?
To the section explaining the best duration for a giveaway, I added, “Especially if the book is for sale during the giveaway, you don’t want it to last too long because most people will not buy the book until after the giveaway is over. Would you buy a book if you thought you might win it? I think most people would wait.”