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On the email tab of your Goodreads account page, you can adjust the settings for emails and notifications. The Newsletters and Other Mailers section has check boxes for the monthly Newsletter, the daily Quote of the Day, and the monthly New Releases email. For the New Releases email, there is a link to customize the genres included and a  preview link.

The email says it includes new releases from authors on your shelves and your favorite genres, but the books included are only books by authors that you have read and rated at least one of their books three, four or five stars. It doesn’t use your favorite genres shown on your profile, you have to select which genres to include and only five titles per genre are listed each month. The genre titles are hand selected from the popular lists by Goodreads staff to eliminate duplicates or other issues.

The emails are sent out at the beginning of each month in the order of membership, but it takes several days for everyone to receive it. Using the preview link might be a better option especially if you’ve joined in the last year.

The email may not include all the titles that the preview link shows, but it includes the link to the preview. The email and the preview page include links to the popular new releases list, links to edit your genre preferences and to unsubscribe to the email. The preview page also has a Book Birthdays widget that shows a few books that release today (and change daily), has the genres on a separate tab and includes links to last month and next month at the bottom of the page. The genre tab for the next month is always blank and the author tab will be blank if you try to go more than one month into the future. When you go to past months the genre tabs will be the same as before, but the books on the author tabs could be different if you’ve rated more books since then.

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