Most of the time on Goodreads, you can just click on the heading of a shelf to sort by that field and click on it again to reverse the direction of the sort. This works on most headings on your shelves, other member shelves and group shelves. There is also a selection of sort fields available at the bottom of the page.

If you want to set a default sort for one of your shelves, click on shelf settings and select the sort field and whether you want the sort to be in ascending or descending order. While in shelf settings, you can also change the displayed fields and choose how many books to show on a page. Don’t forget to save the settings.

To create a custom sort, click on re-order. A pop-up box will ask if you are sure you want to enable sorting. You can also enable sorting under batch edit and on the edit bookshelves page. Once you’ve enabled sorting. a number will be added to each book and you can change those numbers to put the books in any order you want, make sure to save position changes. Do not disable sorting or you will lose your changes. You have to follow these directions for each shelf you want to sort by position.

You can’t currently sort books in lists or searches.

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