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Listing a giveaway on goodreads is easy, but a little planning will help you get more out of this feature. Giveaways are on the explore drop down menu. Click on list a giveaway to read the terms and conditions and see the form to fill out.

These are my suggestions, not official goodreads’ suggestions.

Don’t start the giveaway on the day you fill out the form. Goodreads needs time to approve your giveaway and they have a small staff and they don’t work on the weekends. I suggest filling out the form about a week before opening the giveaway.

Don’t start or end the giveaway on the first or last day of the month. There were more than 120 giveaways that ended on June 30th (for the US giveaways, I’m sure there were fewer in other countries). Expecting people to look through 4 pages (40 books to a page) to find your book is just too much.

Don’t make the giveaway duration too short or too long. At least a week and no longer than a month is best for most books. Early is better for ARCs and proofs, since people like getting the book before release date and you need to allow time for shipping. Ending the giveaway sometime in the month before the release date, could increase the chances of getting the book into the genre section of the monthly new releases email. Especially if the book is for sale during the giveaway, you don’t want it to last too long because most people will not buy the book until after the giveaway is over. Would you buy a book if you thought you might win it? I think most people would wait.

Think carefully about the tags you enter on the form. These tags are used to browse the giveaways by genre and type. You do want people to find your book by the genre they are looking for, but you don’t want your book reviewed by someone who hates your type of story. Negative reviews are often caused by the reader expecting something different.

Include a description of the book, but also describe the giveaway. Will the book be signed? Is it an ARC or proof or a final sale copy?

Think about to which countries you are willing to ship. You do have to pay for mailing the books, but you can get more exposure by making it available to more readers. If you are giving away multiple copies, consider making at least one copy available outside of the US. You can do this by listing two separate giveaways. One that is only for US and another that is not available in US, but only in other countries that you select.

Make sure that your author profile is up-to-date and includes a link to your webpage. Make sure the book data on the book page is as complete and accurate as you can make it. Are the number of pages correct? Is it part of a series? Are all editions entered and combined? Have you added characters and setting to the database?

Promote the giveaway everywhere, but don’t email random people directly or spam groups with it. You may be able to post a notice in the promotion folder (if they have one) of groups you participate in, but please read the group’s rules first. Include a link to the giveaway on your webpage, on your blog, on twitter, on facebook, in a newsletter and anywhere else a potential reader may see it. Ask your friends to promote it on their blogs.

After the giveaway is over, mail the books as soon as possible.

Good Luck!