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Add their books to your shelves. Rate and review the books that you’ve read. Like quotes from their books. Enter new quotes from their books. Answer trivia questions or quizzes about their books or enter trivia questions or quizzes.  Add them as friends, if they are goodreads authors. Add yourself as their fan. You don’t have to choose, you can friend authors and be their fan too. Read their blogs and reviews, make comments or like the reviews and blog posts.

If your favorite authors aren’t on goodreads, invite them to join. If they are on goodreads, but aren’t identified as goodreads authors, ask them to join the authors program.

You can still be the fan of authors that aren’t on goodreads. If you are a librarian, you can update their profiles and add their blogs and pictures.

Once you’ve become the fan of some authors, go to your profile page and scroll down until you see your favorite authors on the right of the screen below your friends. Click on edit and you can re-order your favorite authors and change your options to follow updates and get email notices about new blog posts.

Thanks for reading.