When you first sign up on Goodreads, you have three shelves: Read, To-Read, and Currently-Reading. All three are exclusive shelves, meaning every book you shelve has to be on one and only one of those three shelves. Moving a book to Currently-Reading will automatically remove it from the To-Read shelf.

You can create custom shelves for your own use. Some people make genre shelves. I have source shelves such as owned, library and booksfree. You can add a shelf on the my books page and any other place where you can choose shelves. Each book can be on as many custom shelves as you want, but they can only be on one exclusive shelf at a time.

You can even make a custom shelf exclusive. Some helpful exclusive shelves are reference and DNF (did not finish). To make changes to your bookshelves, click on the word edit beside bookshelves on the top left of the my books page. On this page you can add, rename and delete shelves. You can make a shelf exclusive, sortable and feature a shelf.

Making a shelf sortable allows you to assign a number to each book on a shelf and sort by that number. Only one shelf can be featured. The featured shelf will show on your profile page. Currently only the first eleven books on the featured shelf will show. Making the featured shelf sortable is the only way to designate which eleven books (if you have more than eleven books on that shelf) will show.

Thanks for reading.