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Have you suddenly stopped seeing updates from some of your friends on Facebook or Goodreads? They could have left the site or unfriended you, but if they are still in your friends list there are a few things that could have happened to hide them.

On your Facebook Newsfeed (home) page, if you are on Top News, click on Most Recent. Then click on the small arrow beside Most Recent to access the drop down menu. Click on Edit Options and a pop-up window will appear. If the field Show posts from is set to Friends and pages you interact with most, you might be missing posts from several of your friends. Change this setting to All of your friends and pages.

The second section of that window lists all the friends and applications that you have hidden. Verify that no one you want to see is in this list. Supposedly some people can accidentally hide people and not even know it. If you do want to stop hiding someone in this list, just click on the little x.

On Goodreads, check the filters on the updates tab of your home page. Click the little arrow after showing: top friends (it will show whatever your current setting is) just under Updates. You might have it set for only statuses, only books, or only reviews. You can also hide or show comments and author blogs. When you’ve made your changes, click on the apply filters button.

If you have it set to show only top friends, you’ll need to go to the Friends page to see or change who your top friends are. On the Friends page, just click on Edit Friends, to get the Top Friends check box to show.

Hope that helps. Did you have another question?