It’s a book rental site that works like Netflix. Sign up for a subscription (prices vary by number of books), add books to your queue and they mail you books. Read the books, mail them back and Booksfree will mail you more books.

I like the concept, I used paperspine at one time, but they are out of business now – I did leave while they were still in operation because the delivery times were too long for me. Booksfree works bests for people close to VA because they ship media mail and only have one warehouse. I average about a weeks turnaround time. I only use the cheapest plan because I’m just getting books that my libraries don’t have.

BookSwim is a similar company, they’re prices are a little higher because they also rent hardcovers. Booksfree only rents paperbacks and audiobooks. They do have several audio and combo plans, but I only have a paperback plan. Several other companies including Chegg.com rent textbooks.

This is just my opinion. I don’t work for Booksfree and they didn’t pay me to post this. I wrote this because when I mention Booksfree, no one has ever heard of it.