Do you know there is an easy way to verify who can see you and your information on Facebook?

Go to Privacy Settings from the Account menu, then click on View Settings under the Connecting on Facebook heading. On the top right of this screen is a button marked Preview my Profile. When you click on that button, you will see your profile the way anybody can see it. If too much is showing for your comfort, you need to adjust your privacy settings immediately.

Keeping your personal and contact information private is very important. Restricting tagged photos and videos to trusted friends may save you some embarrassment later.

If you have customized any of your privacy settings, you can verify that the settings are working as you expected by typing a friend’s name (it will give you a list to select from after a few letters) into the box. You can keep checking with as many names as you like and you can go back to the privacy settings and make adjustments until you are satisfied with what is being shared about you.

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