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Of course you can unfriend people and block people, but what if you don’t want to make them mad, you just don’t want to see them all the time?

On Facebook you can hide people and pages and applications. If you click on the small x to the right of a post on your newsfeed, it will give you choices based on the type of post. You can hide everything by that person or page or by the application that produced it. This is totally anonymous! If you unfriend them, they can see that you aren’t in their friend list, but if you just hide them, they won’t know.

This way you can support someone’s page or business or blog without reading every little thing they post. It lets you be friends with people without seeing every game they play.

You can also remove any post or comment from your wall and any post or comment you have made anywhere. You can remove your name from any picture you have been tagged in and you can remove any tagged names from your own photo albums.

On Goodreads you can set up your updates feed to only show top friends, then you can uncheck the top friends box for the people you like or want to support, but don’t care about their books. This also works for authors that you want to support, but you’re a little tired of all of their new friends showing up in your feed.