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No, not everyone has a reason to blog and there is little point in forcing yourself to write or create a blog that you won’t keep up, but everyone who has a brand to promote should consider if a blog would be a useful tool. I am just talking about needing a blog, not wanting a blog. Abandoning a personal blog is common and hurts no one.

Blogging and microblogging is a great way to get your message out, but an out of date blog can hurt more than it helps. If you think your brand or business needs a blog, but you don’t want to write it or can’t commit to posting at least once a week, you should consider hiring someone to write it. Selecting the right person to write the blog is crucial. Assigning the job to a busy and uninterested employee could be a disaster or just worthless. The best blogs are written by people who want to write them. Larger companies may have to decide if they will have multiple blogs authored byindividuals or one blog contributed to by various employees.

Authors need a blog so they can link their blogs to Amazon and Goodreads. Many authors consider blogging part of their job, but even they can get help from a virtual assistant or write several posts at once, then schedule them to appear on dates in the future. Some authors only contribute to joint blogs, but that solution can be annoying to readers who don’t like all the authors involved.

I’m working on a post about friends and I want to make sure I include all the sites that are important to you. What sites are you on that has friends? 

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