Not completely, but there are some things you can do. The most drastic is allow photos and videos you’ve been tagged in, to only be viewed by you.

Yes this is a facebook post, but everyone who has a facebook account, especially if you don’t go there often, needs to read this. Facebook changes security and privacy options fairly often, you need to make sure your settings are always current.

Go to your privacy settings and under Sharing on Facebook, click on customize settings. You probably also want to uncheck Let friends of people tagged in my photos and posts see them, friends of other people could be anyone. 

On the Customize Settings screen you can change the privacy settings for things you share and things others share. You should probably restrict most things to Only Friends. Click on edit settings beside Photos and Videos you are tagged in. There you can choose from everyone, friends of friends or only friends, but if you choose custom edit you can be even more selective. 

Now you can Make this visible to these people. You can choose: friends of friends, only friends, specific people or only me.  And Hide this from these people. You can type in individual people or lists.

One of the lists I have is called limited. Anytime I friend a business or band or author or anyone I’m not quite sure of, I put them on the limited list. No one can see what list they are on. That way I can hide tagged photos (and anything else I might want to restrict) from all of those people at one time.

Back on the Customize Settings screen, you need to disable suggest photos of me to friends. If this is enabled, it will encourage your friends to tag your photos.

You should also go to your account page, click on notifications and make sure it will send you an email when you are tagged in photos and posts. If someone tags you, you can remove the tag and you can remove tags from your own pictures.