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Right now most of my posts are just about goodreads, because that’s what I have the most material about. If I ever get an audience, I can answer their questions and post on the topics they respond to, but it takes time getting started and I have to have something for them to read to get an audience.

Things I’m planning to write about (in no particular order):

I have some Facebook topics in mind, but I’ll just put them over there unless I get requests to publish those posts here too.

SC Book Festival

Meeting Authors

I’m still playing with Twitter, having fun with it.

I have a LinkedIn account, have to think of some topics.

Looking at Tumblr, is anybody using it?

Goodreads topics:

  • shelves
  • librarians
  • series
  • authors
  • stats
  • hidden pages
  • lists
  • quotes

What other social network, social cataloging or microblogging sites are you using?