If you think of the taxes paid to your library as a subscription that you can’t cancel, you may try harder to get your money’s worth.

Most of the excuses I hear for not using the library are old, libraries have changed.  Using the library is much easier than before. You can sign-on to their website to search the catalog, make lists, place holds, have books routed to a branch library, renew books, track due dates, request new titles to buy and maybe even download books.

Libraries provide more than books. DVDs, software, audio books, ebooks, magazines, database subscriptions, and more. Netlibrary and Overdrive are two services that provide ebooks and audiobooks to libraries for downloading to your computer or other devices.

If the problem is just your library and not libraries in general, you may be able to get access to other libraries. I have cards to libraries in three different counties because they have agreements to give cards to residents of the adjoining counties. Two of those libraries use netlibrary and the other one uses overdrive.

The Free Library of Philadelphia sells memberships to non-residents for only $15 per year. Many people join just to use Overdrive.

Have you tried telling your library why you don’t use the library? They may have a solution.