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Goodreads has forums called groups. There are three official groups, Goodreads Feedback, Goodreads Librarians and Goodreads Author Feedback Group. You can browse groups by category and search for groups, or check out the featured groups on the main group page. You can even create a group. I’ve created five so far.

I think everyone should join the Feedback group, if only to read the announcements. You can ask questions, report bugs and make suggestions there. If you really need help or if you can’t get signed in, you can always email support @goodreads.com.

The Librarians group is where you can report request changes to books and authors and some other things. Librarians are volunteers and they can only change data, not the way things work.

Another good way to find groups you may like is to go to the book page of some of your favorite books and look on the bottom right of the page to see if any groups have shelved that book.